Striping / Dyeing

Wire striping allows for many more color code combinations beyond the standard solid colors.
  • Spiral; single, double or triple stripe
  • Longitudinal; single
  • 26 AWG to 8 AWG; PVC, XLPVC, XLPE, Nylon and Teflon
Dyeing can be used to obtain hard to find colors
  • PVC hookup wires; 30 AWG to 8 AWG
  • PVC Cables up to approximately .250”

Cutting and Stripping

Cutting and stripping is used to reduce labor time and assembly cost. Purchasing your wire cut and stripped ensures consistency and quality.

Hot Stamping and Ink Printing

Hot stamping and ink printing are extremely useful in circuit identification. This saves money and labor time by eliminating the need for costly labels. Troubleshooting is much easier with print legends throughout the harness as compared to labels which tend to be at the ends. Phoenix currently uses two methods; hot stamping and ink printing
  • 22 AWG to 8 AWG
  • PVC, XCPVC, XLPE, Nylon and Teflon
  • Black or white are standard. Custom print colors available

Twisting / Bonding

Twisting wire helps simplify installations by keeping groups of wires bundled neatly together. Depending on your application this may reduce your labor time and overall cost to manufacture your product.

Bonding offers many of the same benefits as twisting while allowing multiple conductors to be used in products with space constraints. The two most popular methods of bonding are using glue or heat.

Tubing Cutting / Marking

Cut to length tubing is a useful way to ensure product consistency while saving labor.
  • Various heat shrink
  • Fiberglass sleeving
  • Split / unslit loom
  • PVC and Teflon tubing
Tubing marking is a cost effective way to identify circuits or print needed information on a product.
  • Thermal transfer
  • Shrinkable and non shrinkable
  • Graphics and barcodes
  • Ribbon cable
  • Sequence print
  • Marked tubing can be supplied in pieces or perforated lengths

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic metal welding technology is utilized to provide the best method of choice in wire splicing. As a cold friction welding, the vibrating energy produces a scrubbing action of wires against one another under a static clamping force. The scrubbing action disperses the surface oxides at the interfaces initially and by the friction produced, the molecules intermingle and diffuse across the surface boundaries, thereby creating a strong metallurgical bond.

The advantages of ultrasonic metal welding are most utilized in splicing of stranded or solid wires.
  • Highly consistent weld dimensions increase the reliability significantly.
  • Low material embrittlement due to low localized heat.
  • High electrical integrity with strong mechanical bond.
  • No cost for consumables such as clip or solder.

Tinning / Soldering

Tinning helps to speed up soldering processes by having the wire pre-tinned. We can tin single or multiple conductors.

Custom Cable Design

Phoenix specializes in design and manufacturing custom cables for any application. Custom cable can be a simple cable with a special color code or a composite cable with mixed gauges to facilitate labor savings during installation. Main reasons for using custom cable:
  • Custom color codes
  • Special environments (High temperatures, UV, abrasion)
  • High Flex
  • Composite Cables (mixed gauge)
  • Special electrical properties (low capacitance)
  • Special shielding requirements or armoring
  • Hybrid cables – fiber optic mixed with copper conductors
  • Small O.D.’s
Contact your sales representative to see how we can improve upon a current custom cable or design one to meet your particular needs.

Wire Harness / Cable Assemblies

Phoenix is capable of producing low and high volume runs for a diverse range of products and industries utilizing our fully automated facility.
  • Electronic / Electrical wire harnesses and assemblies
  • Battery cables
  • Multi-conductor wire harnesses
  • Control / Panel assemblies
  • Sub assemblies
  • Power cables
Our stringent quality processes in conjunction with our electronic test equipment allows us to test a single circuit of a simple harness to a more complex harness consisting of thousands of circuits.


We can supply related or mating parts for your harness in kit format. This helps inventory control by allowing you to purchase 1 kit versus many separate components.

Component Assemblies

We can assemble items related to harnesses including metal boxes, plates and circuit boards.

Inventory Management

We offer various Inventory management solutions such as Just In Time (JIT) and blanket orders. If you require a special inventory management system please contact your sales representative.

Custom Labeling

We can private label products to your specifications.

Repackaging & Respooling

We can supply products in custom quantities or sizes.